Passionate Designers of  Living Art.

We are passionate about what we do and we get to do what we love every single day because of our clients.  At OSA Services, we take pride in providing our clients with personalized, expert and reliable aquarium services.  From design to maintenance, our goal is to take your vision and make it into a living work of art.

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Let us bring style and sophistication to both private and general areas of your business with a custom aquarium.

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aquarium design and installation - freshwater aquarium

From imagination to reality, together we’ll build the aquarium you have always dreamed of.

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Committed to providing a viable alternative to wild harvested corals for your underwater gardening.

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What our Customers are Saying

  • We are so happy we found OSA! After a Petsmart tank disaster I was so upset thinking I wasn’t going... read more

    Kathleen Clarkson Avatar
    Kathleen Clarkson
  • the tanks are really clean and people are very friendly

    Dawn M Anthony Avatar
    Dawn M Anthony
  • Great store, knowledgeable staff, gorgeous fish, clean!

    Michelle Delvecchio Avatar
    Michelle Delvecchio
  • OSA is amazing, I can’t believe we have these two incredible stores in RI and southern MA! I was recently... read more

    Liz Mags Avatar
    Liz Mags
  • They have a great selection of fish but I don’t agree with there policies or prices. So I had a... read more

    Megan Rainville Avatar
    Megan Rainville
  • What a wonderful store. Had a wonderful conversation with the workers and was able to get 8 high quality cichlids... read more

    Nate Schulz Avatar
    Nate Schulz
  • passionate and knowledgeable staff! great selection of marine life

    Erich Medenbach Avatar
    Erich Medenbach
  • There isn’t another aquarium store in the area that can touch the passion and husbandry that the staff puts into... read more

    Shane McAllister Avatar
    Shane McAllister
  • The seekonk location got the best knowledge and customer service in Bristol county & RI.
    very reasonable prices as well. exceptional...
    read more

    Ehab Hanna Avatar
    Ehab Hanna
  • The staff at OSA is an awsome group of knowledgeable and friendly people. I was having tank issues. They took... read more

    Glenn Kathe Avatar
    Glenn Kathe