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At OSA,  we love everything about designing, installing and maintaining saltwater and fresh water aquariums.  Our goal is to create and maintain an underwater landscape that will reflect your personality and fit within the décor of your living space or workplace.  OSA’s experienced, trained service technicians will schedule regular maintenance visits that will keep your aquaria looking its best allowing you to enjoy a beautiful, thriving underwater ecosystem.

OSA Aquarium Services - Design


Designing an aquarium is the perfect marriage of beauty and science. We specialize in creating aquariums that are aesthetically pleasing while maintaining the ability to sustain the desired fish, invertebrates, plants and other life forms. Each aquarium is a small ecosystem of its own, with just the right balance of life to provide you with years of enjoyment.

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We Introduce Fish That Thrive Together

Different species have different requirements and require the correct environment to thrive and flourish. We have the experience and knowledge to make sure your aquarium habitat creates the impactful look you desire and is filled with flora and fauna that will coexist peacefully and happily.


You’ve gone through the planning process, the decision making and you’ve waited long enough… it’s time to install your living art.

The result? A showpiece that sets the mood in your living space or office.

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OSA Aquarium Services - maintenance


Our most important work is the routine, ongoing maintenance to keep our clients’ aquariums clean and healthy. We have a 40-point inspection checklist that our technicians use on each visit to document the condition of the equipment, the water, the livestock and the chemicals.  This allows us to identify any potential problems so we can solve them before they cause trouble. We keep a meticulous record of every maintenance visit for your convenience.

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